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Welcome to Brooklyn Prospect Middle School

Middle school is a time of great discovery and transition. Students enter our sixth grade at the apex of their childhood years and transition to our high school, deep in adolescence.  Brooklyn Prospect Middle School is a supportive and trusting learning environment from which our students matriculate into high school with the intrinsic motivation needed to achieve their personal best, and the knowledge, skill, and habits of thinking that support optimal academic success.

Because we understand that our students’ adult lives are directly influenced by their experiences during these teenage years, the Brooklyn Prospect Middle School program is designed to facilitate opportunities that nurture in students a strong desire to persist in challenges and explore new possibilities. Brooklyn Prospect middle school students grow toward academic independence and self-reliance through a carefully orchestrated program that challenges and supports each student individually. Fundamental to our program is fostering in each of our students the confidence that drives continued learning and intellectual growth.

How does a student learn to organize his/her backpack, take notes, prepare to complete homework and class projects- skills vital to academic success in high school and beyond? From day one, our advisory curriculum and highly structured school routines place an enormous emphasis on learning organizational skills. And our small school environment, and student-centered approach to teaching helps our experienced faculty to carefully adapt to middle school students’ broad spectrum of social, emotional and physical needs.

Vital to their becoming true global citizens, our wonderfully diverse community is a rich training ground for understanding others.  Here, we establish the caring and respectful relationships that foster and develop positive personal characteristics such as honesty, respect, and an appreciation of the differences in one another.   Community service helps reinforce in Brooklyn Prospect students the importance of safeguarding their environment and the world in which they are growing.

Please visit us to explore the everyday wonders in our classrooms and curiosity of blossoming middle school students.  

Carolyn Michael
Middle School Principal

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